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HERITAGE AND TRADITION ...... Going strong after two centuries .......

Pillivuyt’s factory in the heart of the Berry region has been running for two hundred years, making the company one of the oldest and most prestigious French porcelain producers. The company still bears the name of its Swiss founder, Louis Charles Pillivuyt.

Even today, our master porcelain craftsmen and women use skills handed down through the ages to ensure a fully French-made, high-quality product. In this way, some of the centuries-old traditional crafting techniques have been preserved, such as hand-crafting unique items like the lion’s head tureen.

Pillivuyt was awarded a gold medal in the Universal Exhibitions of 1878 and 1889. Building upon this new-found fame, the company’s products soon graced the prestigious tables of the Dutch Royal Court and the Egyptian Royal Court Over the years, Pillivuyt has created products which have become legendary, such as the “Bar à Pans” cup, the steak plate or the tart mould.

* Pillivuyt is fired to a minimum of 1420°C, resulting in porcelain of exceptional strength with high resistance to chipping

* The thick diamond-hard glaze is non-porous, easy to clean and will not stain

* Freezer to oven to tabletop, Pillivuyt’s attractive classical designs will suit most table settings from the simplest to the most sophisticated

* Pillivuyt is lead and cadmium free, therefore completely safe in microwaves and in domestic and industrial dishwashers

* Porcelain is an excellent heat conductor, so heat spreads evenly for better controlled cooking

* Versatile, stackable shapes and functional designs allow for easy storage and safe handling

* Bakeware, dinnerware and table accessories suitable for domestic and commercial use

* All Pillivuyt Ranges are lead and Cadmium free